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Cover and technical information

pp. 1-7, Portuguese and English

DOI: 10.14568/cp29fm1

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New changes of a journal in transformation

António João Cruz

pp. 9-10, Portuguese and English

DOI: 10.14568/cp29fm2

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Identification of materials used in a wooden coffin lid covered with composite layers dating back to the Ptolemaic period in Egypt

Nour Mohamed Badr, Mona Fouad Ali, Nesrin M. N. El Hadidi, Gamal Abdel Naeem

pp. 11-24, English

DOI: 10.14568/cp2017029

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Chemical, physical and mineralogical characterisation of the Hispano- Moresque tile collection from Lisbon Roman Theatre Museum

Ana Sofia Leal, Luís C. Alves, Susana Coentro, Sílvia Pereira, Cátia Relvas, Teresa Ferreira, José Mirão, Lídia Fernandes, Vânia Solange Muralha

pp. 25-39, Portuguese

DOI: 10.14568/cp2017011

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Technological and compositional study of the gold leaf from Baroque altarpieces – basis for a research methodology

Ana Bidarra, Günter Buzanich, João Coroado, Fernando Rocha

pp. 41-50, Portuguese

DOI: 10.14568/cp2016035

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The safeguarding and preservation of the Built Heritage in old urban centres: a reflection on traditional stone masonry buildings' structural rehabilitation

José Carlos Domingues, Tiago Miguel Ferreira, João Negrão, Romeu Vicente

pp. 51-62, Portuguese

DOI: 10.14568/cp2017030

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Insect damage in historic buildings of Colônia Murici - Southern Brazil

Janice B. Silva, Bruna P. Macari, Lúcia M. Almeida, Marcio P. da Rocha, Raquel Marchesan, Valdir L. Holtman

pp. 63-70, Portuguese

DOI: 10.14568/cp2017012

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Laces: a case study of preservation of the UFRGS Fashion and Textile Museum collection

Vera Felippi, Evelise Anicet Rüthschilling, Gabriela Perry

pp. 71-80, Portuguese

DOI: 10.14568/cp2017036

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Publication: 2018-9-29
Online: 2018-9-29

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