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p. 3, English and Portuguese


Natural cement and stone restoration of Bourges Cathedral (France)

C. Gosselin, V. Verges-Belmin, A. Royer, G. Martinet

pp. 5-19, English

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Development of lime based mortars for repairing glazed tile coatings of historic buildings in the city of Ovar, Portugal

B. Teixeira, C. Valente, A. L. Velosa, M. R. Veiga, I. M. Ferreira

pp. 21-28, English

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Study of materials and technology of ancient floor mosaics’ substrate

Vincenzo Starinieri, Ioanna Papayianni, Maria Stefanidou

pp. 29-34, English


Reconstruction of the Chalet of the Countess of Edla: preliminary evaluation of the effects of fire in the architectural surfaces

Graça Horta, José Maria Lobo de Carvalho, V. M. Rato

pp. 35-43, English

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Methodology for diagnosis of rendering anomalies due to moisture in walls

Ana Cristian Magalhães, Maria do Rosário Veiga, C. Pina Santos, Luís Matias, António Vilhena

pp. 45-54, English


Cause of decay and intervention on external mortars of the S. Vittore Church - Stresa (Italy)

Massimo Valentini, Raffaelo Visentini

pp. 55-62, English


Materials Considerations Regarding Rain Penetration in Historic Fired Clay Brick Masonry

Caspar Groot, Jos Gunneweg

pp. 63-70, English

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pp. 73-75, Portuguese


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