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pp. 3-5, Portuguese and English


Colour 2008 – Bridging Science with Art

“Largo de São Mamede” and “Rua de Alconchel” Fountains, in Évora: methodological notes on their recovery and the unveiling, conservation and restoration of mural painting

Inês Cardoso, Eduardo Miranda, Milene Gil, Isabel Ribeiro, Nuno Proença

pp. 9-17, Portuguese

Abstract | Additional material

Colored limewash paintings in Alentejo (part 1): Pigments’ identification and stratigraphic analysis (in 2004-2006)

M. Gil, A. I. Seruya, J. Aguiar, A. Candeias, J. C. Frade, S. Valadas, P. Alves, I. Ribeiro

pp. 19-38, Portuguese

Abstract | Additional material

Articles & Interventions

Interpreting chemistry and technology of lime binders and implementing it in the conservation field

Georgia Zacharopoulou

pp. 41-53, English


Pictorial layers in contemporary art: stabilization of an artwork made of chocolate and metal

Rosario Llamas, Ainara Zornoza, Carmen López

pp. 55-67, Spanish

Abstract | Additional material

Notes & Opinions

The conservation of the natural and cultural heritage ahead the climatic changes

Silvia Helena Zanirato

pp. 69-77, Portuguese


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