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No. 11


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Articles & Interventions

Characterization of lacunae density in pictorial surfaces using GIS software

Frederico Henriques, Alexandre Gonçalves, Ana Calvo

pp. 3-11, Portuguese

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The first radiographs of works of art in Portugal and the relationship between radiography, conservation and politics

António João Cruz

pp. 13-32, Portuguese

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About authenticity of a finding: The case study of the “rock engraving” from Pedrógão Beach, Leiria, Portugal

Anabela Gomes Carvalho, Diego E. Angelucci, Mário Varela Gomes, João Paulo Pereira de Freitas Coroado, Maria Amélia Alves Rangel Dionísio

pp. 33-47, Portuguese

Abstract | Additional material

Evolution of the constructive adobe system in the Porcelain Industrial Unit of Vista Alegre (1937-1945)

Alice Ruano, Aníbal Costa, Humberto Varum

pp. 49-69, Portuguese

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Notes & Opinions

Assessment and Risk Management: Reflections on new conservative logic and role in the management models of organizations

Luís Filipe Raposo Pereira

pp. 71-75, Portuguese


Author guidelines

pp. 77-79, Portuguese


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