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Articles & Interventions

Supercritical carbon dioxide: the art of technology in art conservation

Ana Aguiar-Ricardo, Teresa Casimiro, Micaela Sousa, Maria João Melo, Paula Maria Tomaz

pp. 3-9, Portuguese

Abstract | Additional material

Documenting for a better conservation: The use of consolidants and water repellents in conservation interventions of stone Portuguese monuments

M. Pamplona, M. J. Melo, L. A. Aires-Barros, A. Dionísio

pp. 11-20, Portuguese


The materials and techniques used in a baroque sculpture representing Saint Dominic from the Museum of Santa Maria de Lamas

Carolina Barata, António João Cruz, Jorgelina Carballo, Maria Eduarda Araújo

pp. 21-30, Portuguese

Abstract | Additional material

Pollutant materials and pollution control at Cupertino de Miranda Foundation

I. Mosca, M. F. Camões, L. E. Casanovas

pp. 31-37, Portuguese


Pigments and dyes of the works of art in Portugal, in the beginning of the 17th century, according to the Filipe Nunes’ treatise on painting

António João Cruz

pp. 39-51, Portuguese


Notes & Opinions

ICOM-CC 15th Triennial Conference

Isabel Raposo Magalhães

pp. 53-54, Portuguese

Terminology to characterize the conservation of tangible cultural heritage. Resolution approved by the ICOM-CC membership on the occasion of the 15th Triennial Conference, New Delhi, 22-26 September 2008

Translation of Francisca Figueira and Alexandre Pais

pp. 55-56, Portuguese


p. 57

Author guidelines

pp. 59-61, Portuguese

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