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Transmittance spectroscopy and transmitted multispectral imaging to map covered paints

Antonino Cosentino

Cultural Heritage Science Open Source, Piazza Cantarella 11, Aci Sant'Antonio, 95025, Italy


Transmitted spectroscopy and transmitted multispectral imaging in the 400-900 nm range have been applied for the mapping and tentative identification of paints covered by a white preparation as in the case of a ground laid for reusing a canvas for another painting. These methods can be applied to polychrome works of art, as long as their support and new preparation are sufficiently translucent. This work presents the transmittance spectra acquired from a test board consisting of a prepared canvas with swatches of 54 pigments covered with titanium white and the multispectral images realized with transmitted light to map covered paints on a mock-up painting. It was observed that 18 out of 54 historical pigments provide characteristic transmittance spectra even underneath a titanium white preparation layer and that transmitted light multispectral imaging can map hidden paint layers.


Multispectral imaging
Pigments identification
Transmittance spectroscopy
Reflectance spectroscopy







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Conservar Património:
Cosentino, A., 'Transmittance spectroscopy and transmitted multispectral imaging to map covered paints', Conservar Património 24 (2016) 37-45,

Cosentino, A. (2016). Transmittance spectroscopy and transmitted multispectral imaging to map covered paints. Conservar Património, 24 37-45. DOI:10.14568/cp2015021.

Cosentino, Antonino. 2016. "Transmittance spectroscopy and transmitted multispectral imaging to map covered paints." Conservar Património 24:37-45. doi:10.14568/cp2015021.

COSENTINO, Antonino – Transmittance spectroscopy and transmitted multispectral imaging to map covered paints. Conservar Património. [Em linha]. 24 (2016) 37-45 [Consult. ]. Disponível em WWW: <URL:>. ISSN 21829942.

COSENTINO, Antonino. Transmittance spectroscopy and transmitted multispectral imaging to map covered paints. Conservar Património, Lisboa, v. 24, p. 37-45, 2016. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: .


Received: 2015-12-7
Accepted: 2016-4-29
Online: 2016-5-24
Publication: 2016-12-17


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